Subscribe to your calendar on smartphone (Android) or by adding the calendar to a Google Account.

1. Add a calendar to your Google Account.

Click on the icon at the bottom right corner on

Google Calendar located on these pages above.

2. Turn sync ON/ OFF for individual calendars

on your Android smartphone.

Before you start to sync a calendar with your Android device,

you need to add a calendar to your Google Account as above.

If you have multiple calendars, you can decide for each of them to sync ON/ OFF with your device.

If you have a calendar that appears in your Google Calendar account

but not in a mobile app on your Android device,

turn ON sync for this calendar.

Open the Google Calendar app
At the top left, go to the main menu
At the bottom, select Settings

Select one of your calendar.

Turn ON/ OFF Synchronize.

Note: It may take some time for the events to appear.


To synchronize with your Android smartphone,

you need to do both steps below.

Step no. 1) Add Calendar to a Google Account.

Step no. 2) Turn on sync on your Android smartphone.

At the request, sign in to your Google Account

via your name and password.

When Google Calendar "Seminare SAA" has been added to your Google Account then all changes to the seminar schedules are automatically synchronized.

Sync directly to your iPhone/ iPad (iOS) calendar

or MAC/ PC (macOS / Windows).

Link for WEB access.

Have the latest information about seminars in your pocket.

Sync up the calendar to your smartphone, tablet or notebook!

Would you like to receive up to date information via your e-mail?